Episode 6: About Ted Bundy (w/ Celene Beth Calderon)

This week we talk with Celene Beth Calderon, director of Theodore, a new documentary following the life of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. Celene Beth tells us about her experiences as the first ever female director of a Bundy documentary, and how her film literally flips the script with its representation of survivors. Together we reflect on the My Favorite Murder community that brought us all together (SSDGM y'all!) and reflect on the broader cultural conversation around true crime.

Make sure you check out Theodore's Indiegogo campaign which launches January 31st! (We say January 11th in the episode but Celene Beth updated us that they delayed the campaign so they could add more footage so stay tuned!) Not only will money donated help Celene Beth and her team with the production of the film, but they are dedicated to donating a portion of all money raised to RAINN.