Episode 14: Way Off Book (w/ Jess McKenna and Zach Reino)

Have you ever wondered who would win in a rap battle between Kermit the frog & Lin-Manuel Miranda? This week we are joined by professional hilarious people Jess McKenna and Zach Reino. Jess and Zach are performers at the L.A. Upright Citizens Brigade, hosts of the improvised musical podcast Off Book, and all around very wonderful human beings. We talk with them about how they got started doing musical improv, whether or not Harry Potter would be a good guest on their podcast, and much more. 


Episode 12: Cooking & Crushing the Patriarchy

This week Kira & Kenz throwback to episode one, and surprise each other with the stories of two badass ladies in the style of My Favorite Murder. Kira shares the story of her favorite spy/chef Julia Child, while Kenz walks through all of the reasons we should all be obsessed with Congresswoman Maxine Waters. We also chat about things we're loving this week, including our pals over at Old Maids Podcast, Kira's love for Queer Eye, and the incredible reminder Kenz got from a co-worker.

Episode 11: On Blogging & Goal Setting (w/ Ana Alexander)

This week, Kira and Kenz chat with one of Kira's high school friends, Ana Alexander. Ana has a blog called Ana Adventure where she's currently working her way through a list of 25 things both big and small that she wants to accomplish before she turns 25. Ana talks about the structure that's keeping her on track, the reason some of the items made the list, and what it means to set and achieve personal goals. 

Episode 10: Food Justice & Feminist Rants (w/ Caroline Ferguson)

This week we're sitting down with the hilarious Caroline Ferguson, who works to educate and empower people about the decisions we make around food. Caroline talks about her passion for food & how she came to realize that it was something she wanted to pursue in her professional life. Inspired by our conversation with Vanessa Zoltan from a few weeks back, we talk with Caroline about productive hobbies, where the line between hobbies and art lies, and how women are using productive hobbies within the feminist movement. Caroline also gives us some really great advice & resources for implementing food justice practices into our everyday lives! 

Episode 9: Paddington Pals (w/ Kevin T. Porter)

This week we talk with the brilliant & kind Kevin T. Porter of Gilmore Guys and Good Christian Fun! Kevin walks us through his love for the Paddington films, how media has changed since he started Gilmore Guys, and so much more. After meeting Kevin at Podcon this past December, we've been so excited to record this episode, and it's just as weird and wonderful as we'd imagined it would be!

You can follow Kevin @KevinTPorter on Twitter & Instagram! 

Episode 8: What Makes It Sacred (w/ Vanessa Zoltan)

Join Kira & Kenz as they sit down with Vanessa Zoltan in this week's episode of Tell Me Everything! Vanessa is a humanist chaplain and a part of the brilliant team behind the Harry Potter & the Sacred text podcast. We talk with Vanessa about her experience owning the title of podcaster, how she got started reading Jane Eyre and Harry Potter as sacred texts, and she shares some beautiful advice on what it means to tackle your twenties with grace. We also get the inside scoop on the new podcast Vanessa has in the works, and trust us, you definitely don't want to miss it! 

You can find Vanessa on Twitter @vanessamzoltan!

Episode 7: Good Caroline Fun (w/ Caroline Ely)

Grab a coffee, your bullet journal, and your "live. laugh. love." pillows & get ready for this week's episode of Tell Me Everything! This week Kira & Kenz are joined by Caroline Ely, co-host of Good Christian Fun. We talk with Caroline about how she got involved with Good Christian Fun, why she hasn't told her co-workers about the podcast, and her experience sharing her faith on such a public platform. In one of our most fun interviews yet, we also tell the Tell Me Everything origin story & Kira tries her best to get a date with Caroline's GCF co-host, Kevin T. Porter. 

You can find Caroline on Instagram & Twitter @totemspiritwolf!

Episode 6: About Ted Bundy (w/ Celene Beth Calderon)

This week we talk with Celene Beth Calderon, director of Theodore, a new documentary following the life of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. Celene Beth tells us about her experiences as the first ever female director of a Bundy documentary, and how her film literally flips the script with its representation of survivors. Together we reflect on the My Favorite Murder community that brought us all together (SSDGM y'all!) and reflect on the broader cultural conversation around true crime.

Make sure you check out Theodore's Indiegogo campaign which launches January 31st! (We say January 11th in the episode but Celene Beth updated us that they delayed the campaign so they could add more footage so stay tuned!) Not only will money donated help Celene Beth and her team with the production of the film, but they are dedicated to donating a portion of all money raised to RAINN. 

Episode 5: An Ode to Podcon (and other things)

Happy Holidays from our little podcast to you! We hope you're spending this holiday season with loved ones, good food, and hopefully some cute animals in Santa costumes.  In this episode Kira & Kenz recount their incredible weekend at PodCon, use the word "nice" 1,000,000 times to describe their experiences with fellow podcasters, and kick off a new campaign to support a local charity in the spirit of Christmas. We also say thank you to everyone who has supported Tell Me Everything, our guests over the last few weeks, and announce a couple of pretty exciting episodes that we have planned for early 2018! 

Episode 3: On Creativity & Ambition (w/ Abby Steinour)

This week, Kira and Kenz are joined by the very sweet and talented Abby Steinour, creator of Egg & Bee Comics. Listen as we discuss Abby's recent success as well as her plans for the future. Abby's energy is contagious and she is definitely a role model in pursuing your passions and in embracing vulnerability in art. 

We are beyond excited to have met this fellow creator and we just know that Abby has big things ahead. 

Follow Abby at @eggandbee on Instagram!