the hosts

KIRA is a recent graduate with her B.A. in linguistics and English literature from Western Washington University. She is passionate about practicing empathy, hazelnut americanos with whipped cream, and discussing alien conspiracy theories. Goals include writing a novel, convincing Mindy Kaling and Emma Watson to become her life mentors, and learning to play the banjo.

KENZ has a B.A. in Sociology with a focus in Women and Gender Studies. She is strictly a morning person and a tea drinker. Talents include an ability to quote the entirety of The Office and having the most dramatic eye roll you've ever seen. You can usually find her watching true crime documentaries, eating french fries, and/or looking at basset hounds on Instagram. 


We owe a thousand huge thank you's to Jillian Powers (follow her on Instagram at jillian_powers!) for being our incredible photographer, to Claire Hazelbaker for designing our sweet logo, to Henry Parcell for being the best jingle-writer around, and finally to Maddy, Steph, Emma, and Jilly for supporting our podcast dreams and making us laugh every single day - we couldn't do it without you.